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— posted by Shweta Chourasia under Announcements & Updates (Worldwide)

Are you among the unlucky ones who have had to stay back because of work and have therefore not been able to make the trip back home to West Bengal to celebrate your favourite Durga Puja? Well, here’s something that’s bound to bring you cheer. You can celebrate the Durga Puja here itself and all you need is just an Internet connection., now provides you the option of watching and experiencing the Durga Puja celebrations from the comfort of your living room.

As the above heading denotes its about our own Durga Puja a festival which is one of the most prominent festivals in out country. And for bengalis it is the main occasion when they get prepared for their enthusiastc involvement once in the year.As it is a fesitival which is celebrated all over the region of West Bengal in a grand way with lots of theme decoration and different lightings. but because of the geographical restriction prople in other part of the world can only read about it or view a few photos once the event is over.

ADP is a platform for the users to share their thoughts, photos and more about Durga Puja just when they are amidst the celebration.So, the people from different places can also enjoy the Puja of different places at the same time.And has the biggest Durga gallery in the world.

Not  only it brings you the platform to share your view and talent of photography. It also organises a competition which chooses the best voted photos, the most viewed photos and the top contributor of the pictures & the best photograph by jury.

Hence, ADP is a good opportunity to upload photos of Durga Puja happening in and around you and win away prizes.

The competition for 2011 starts 1st of this October and continues till 10th of the month. Do visit, share and enjoy the festival with us!

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