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Kshitij 2012 - The Techno-management Fest

— posted by Shweta Chourasia under Event (Kolkata)

Kshitij ,Founded in 2004, with a vision of providing a platform for the students from all parts of the country and abroad to participate and compete with each other to showcase their own individual feild of excellence.

Khitij hosts a galaxy of events aimed at boosting the technological & Managerial skills inherit today's youth and providing them with an opportunity to show their ideas and thought.
These form the heart and soul of the festival and seek to provide a common platform for the best brains to interact and nurture their seedling ideas transforming them into giant trees of innovation and progress.he events serve to inculcate the spirit of innovative thinking amongst the finest technical and managerial brains in the country.With more than 40 events covering all genres of technology and management, Kshitij brings some of the best solutions for the mankind to the fore. The huge amount of prize money is just another epitome of the heights which have been scaled in the last eight years.

Kshitij 2012 is filled with exciting and energetic workshops, guest lectures and exhibitions, along with the technological and managerial advancements, Kshitij provides the perfect blend of learning and fun.

To know more about the events and to register for them please log on to :

Date :: Jan 27-30 ,2012

IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, India - 721302

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