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Breastfeeding and Mothering group Session Workshop | Kolkata

on: 19th October, 2011

Understanding and Comforting your Newborn
How do I know if my infant is hungry
Is he getting enough milk?
She is always cranky and fidgety - is that normal?
My family tells me to feed the baby everytime she cries... Should I?
My family says do not take in the lap too much - it forms a habit.
How do I get sleep if I have to feed the baby every 2-3 hours?

The first six months are crucial for infant health, hygene, and habit forming. Come learn and share techniques that can help all new and expecting moms comfort themselves and their baby post childbirth. Moms with infants and toddlers, you are cornerstones for sharing anecdotes and knowledge in this dynamic group.

Look forward to your sharing and participation

2H Alipore Avenue, Kolkata 700027

— submitted by Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj, 2 years ago

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