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National Family Harmony Day 2011 on 12th November Festival | Bangalore

12th November, 2011 - 12th November, 2015


1) To empower the cause fighters
2) To bring up the New Leaders

1) Award for the People fighting for Justice and Equality.

2) The Central Award Committee will include
President Samseva: SHIVASHANKARA
SIFF founder President:ANIL (Gorkhy)
SIFM President: Sureshram
SIF Kerala: Gokul
West Bengal: D.Srinivas Rao
Delhi: Niladri Shekardas
Nagpur : Rajesh

3) Duties of the Committee
a) They Do Select and decide the Final List of Awardees
b) They do Publish and receive the Application (soft or Hard)
c) Follow the Awardees for sending them to the Presentation Prog.
d) Guide the Awardees to pay the Nominal accommodation and such other Charges. Rs. 1,000(One Thousand only)

4) Materials with Award: One Mometo
A Achievement history submitted by recommending NGO.

8) Applications will be called all over the Nation
9) Every Application should be attached with a NGO Recommendation
10) National Committee will meet and Recommend for the final list of Awardees by
18th of October 2011 and will be announced on 20th October 2011
11) Awards will be Presentation Programme will be held on
12th November 2011 at Bangalore along with NATIONAL FAMILY HARMONY DAY
12) Every Awardee or NGO recommending should pay an amount of
Rs. 1,000/- towards Accommodation and hospitality expenses
for any other person it will be 2,000/-

13) Facilities: A moderate Accommodation
Bangalore Sight Seeing

12) Host leaders SAMSEVA

13) Guests: One of the High Court Judges
One of the State/Central Minister
One of the Swamiji
One from SIFF
One from Opposite Party
One from Media
One from Celebrities

For further suggestion/details call : 9743183369

Thanking You,

R.Shivashankara ,
President : SAMSEVA

Links: http://samseva.wordpress. com/2011/09/24/national-a ward-2011/

— submitted by Garima Vishwakarma, 2 years ago

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