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Spring Awakening Music | Singapore

3rd February, 2012 - 26th February, 2012

Awaken the passion for rock in 1892

Full of heart, humanity and humour, Spring Awakening is an electrifying musical of a group of teenagers embarking on a turbulent journey of self-discovery, with each one experiencing a dramatic awakening. Meet The Misfit, The Innocent, The Rebel, The Mama’s Boy, The Runaway, The Abused… youths growing up in 1892 where the only means of expressing their confusion, frustration and passion is music…ROCK MUSIC.

Set in the late 19th century, the repressed emotions of these tormented youths find a voice in the rebel yell of rip-roaring rock anthems and haunting, heart-wrenching ballads, offering the young characters a cathartic release and confessional channel into the realm of the 21st century. The genre-busting time-shifting structure of this musical underscores the tragic timelessness of themes that everyone can relate to - the fragility and transience of youths everywhere.

— submitted by Vijay Sharma, 2 years ago

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