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Desert Safari Travel | Delhi

17th February, 2012 - 20th February, 2012

Desert Safari Expedition
• Learn how to ride a camel and ride your own camel during trek
• Gaze into cultural diversity of Rural Rajasthan
• Photo stops to capture the play of light on Camel and Desert

The Thar Desert is one of the most stunning locations on earth. We invite you for an adventure of a lifetime. A visit to the the Thar Desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Rajasthan is the perfect way to explore the true charm of the sleeping villages and the rustic barren trail of the Thar Desert. The journey takes you through the well-kept secrets of the desert – from nocturnal shades of the sun to ever changing colors of the vast sea of shimmering sand. Giving you a peek into the rural Rajasthan, the desert trek takes you back to the bygone era and regalia of Rajasthan. It is a journey well worth the effort and you will have fond memories to last you forever.

Imagine yourself on top a camel, trekking through the desert. It is a very peaceful experience, one has rarely witnessed. This ocean of pure golden sand provides the back drop to an authentic natural adventure which involves a camel trek across the dunes to a secluded oasis. We’ll have a chance to explore this magnificent desert landscape.

— submitted by Renok Aadve, 2 years ago

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