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Leadership Effectiveness Workshop Workshop | Delhi

22nd February, 2012 - 24th February, 2012

Subject: Organizational Leadership

3 days to achieve new levels of leadership effectiveness
3 days to acquire leadership skills to be ready to lead

Relevant for Anyone in leadership positions at any level of an organization who wants to enhance their leadership effectiveness

How this Workshop will impact participants? Empower participants to be an organizational champion and effective leader who work with peak-performers effectively and make the best use of individualís strengths to achieve organizational objectives.

How this workshop will impact organizational members? Individual contributors to be lead by competent and people oriented leaders who encourage individuals, nourish peak-performers, motivate and channelize individuals to realize their potentials, and support & enable individuals to achieve their tasks/goals effectively.

How this Workshop impacts organization? Enable organization to make the most of the human capital available in organization by developing Leaders who retain high-potentials and peak performers in organization, convert average performers into peak-performing individuals, build pro-performing work environment, and build peak-performing teams.

Learning Methodologies Used: Experiential Learning & Action Learning

Facilitator: Sudhakar I. Prabu

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