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Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai releases on 3rd February 2012 Movies | Mumbai

3rd February, 2012 - 23rd February, 2012

Bharat is the quintessential Indian common man, or aam aadmi, who lives in Bhopal, in Central India. He is a cashier at a bank, and, like all bankers, has a trusted sidekick his scooter. He is also a part-time actor, and portrays the role of Hanuman, the monkey God, at the local Ramleela skit.

His family consists of his wife, Nisha, a schoolteacher, and his father, Shivnarayan, a patriotic, idealistic man, who dreams of a corrupt-free nation.

Then there is Amita, the unwanted guest, who is an employee with a call centre. She is a pretty young thing, which is enough reason for Nisha to be slightly insecure about her marriage. Nisha is ambitious for her husband, and would like him to be promoted from cashier to manager at the bank.

— submitted by Sunder Kapoor, 2 years ago

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