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Chinese Photography Now - Photography Exhibition Exhibition | Mumbai

15th February, 2012 - 23rd February, 2012

Glenfiddich & Tasveer Present Chinese Photography Now (A group show by Chu Chu, Liu Yue, Luo Yongjin, Ma Kang,Yang Yongliang and Yan Xinfa).

As the oldest and once most advanced civilization in the world, China has a rich history of artistic output spanning back some 4,000 years. In parallel to the booming art scenes elsewhere in Asia, contemporary art in China has been flourishing since the new millennium as artists respond to the cultural and economic shifts in the country. Amongst the various mediums through which these ideas are being explored - such as painting, performance, sculpture and new media - photography is playing an increasingly important role. Presented here are six artists whose work is emblematic of the various trajectories, themes and devices being explored by Chinese photographers today.

Over the past decade the Glenfiddich Distillery has been quietly building a reputation, not just for being the home of the worlds most awarded single malt Scotch whisky, but also as the location for one of the most respected art residency programmes currently on offer. Since its launch in 2002, the Glenfiddich Artist's in Residence programme has hosted almost seventy artists, from twenty six different countries all around the world. Hence keeping in mind the global status of Glenfiddich, it is no wonder that this exhibition which truly manifests the Chinese cultural heritage in a contemporary context, such as with the work of Chu Chu, Liu Yue and Yan Xinfa was in keeping with Glenfiddich's commitment towards the arts and their mission to promote upcoming Artists. The relationship between rapid economic expansion, technological progression and a deep cultural value system can be seen as the unifying thread running through the exhibition.

The exploration of this cultural and economic shift becomes more explicit, such as in the work of Luo Yongjin, Ma Kang and Yang Yongliang. In all cases, them exhibition demonstrates that contemporary photography in China is dynamic, mature and politically conscious at a time of profound cultural change in the country. This exhibition has been put together in collaboration with OFOTO Gallery in Shanghai. It marks the first of a series of group exhibitions at Tasveer intended to highlight contemporary photography from Asian countries.

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