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Workshop - Letters of Credit & Incoterms Workshop | Mumbai

on: 24th February, 2012

Letters of Credit and INCOTERMs constitute the language of International business. If you are doing business overseas, be it Import or Export, you need to understand LCs and Incoterms.

This Seminar is designed to train Managers in what they need to know - the know-how that is crucial - so that they can do International business safely and correctly, with no losses arising out of ignorance.

Senior and mid-level Managers in Import and/or Export oriented companies who have low to medium previous knowledge of the intricacies of LCs and Incoterms.

Knowledge & Skills Gained-
Structure of Letters of Credit and UCP 600.
Key issues relating to Letters of Credit.
Managing LCs as Importer and Exporter.
Managing associated Foreign Exchange Risks.
INCOTERMs and how they should be used.
Rs.8,273 /- per participant.

Workshop Covers -

UCP 600 and the meaning of key terms.
Structure of Letters of Credit.
Commonly used Clauses and their precise implications.
How to design Import LCs.
How to meet requirements of Export LCs.
Foreign Exchange - Limiting losses but not profits.
INCOTERMs - what they mean and how to use them.


Contact: Amlan

Contact Phone: 09903720541

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