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Workshop - Team Building Workshop | Mumbai

on: 25th February, 2012

Workshop - Team Building.

Workshop Objectives:

What makes a group become a team, and a team becomes self-directing?
Identify the components of building and launching a team.
Recognize and deploy the skills and strengths of team members.
Provide leadership to anticipate issues and facilitate team member interaction.

This hands-on workshop provides the ultimate learning experience on Team Building .The workshop is designed for Project Managers, Departmental Heads, Unit Heads and Team Leaders involved in creating team-based work systems and where success depends on the team members contributing to accomplish challenging goals.

Why do we need Teams?

Group vs. Team.
Team Effectiveness Model.
Virtual Teams.
Turning Spectators into Participants.
Case and Video Based Learning.

Team Building -
Stages in Team Formation.
Video Based Learning.

Building Emotional Intelligence in Teams

Emotions at the Workplace.
Working with Group Emotions.
Achievement through Power of Emotions.
Exercises, Video and Inventory.

World Class Teams in Action

Global Best Practice.
Checklist for High Performance Teams.
Video Based Learning.


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