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Workshop - Managing Foreign Exchange Workshop | Mumbai

on: 25th February, 2012

Workshop - Managing Foreign Exchange.

As Indian Companies increase their International business, their Managers need to understand Foreign Exchange.

This Seminar is designed to train Managers in what they need to know - the know-how that is crucial - so that they can control Forex exposures and make profits instead of losses.

This Seminar will train Managers to :

Understand how Foreign Exchange works
Recognize when they are exposed to Forex Risk.
Manage Forex risk without Loss.
Make money from Forex.

The workshop will be beneficial to managers in senior and middle management levels who have low to medium previous knowledge of foreign exchange.

Knowledge & Skills Gained
Basics of foreign exchange : forex markets, spot and forward rates.
Understanding the impact of forex on business decisions and company.
Detailed knowledge of the tools available for controlling forex exposures.
Means of minimizing losses while maximizing profits.
Introduction to derivatives in forex and money markets.

Workshop Covers -

Forex markets, the structure of rates, cross-currency rates.
Understanding forward rates, premium and discount, classroom exercise.
The 3 fundamentals : position, balance and exposure.
The options for fixing rates : now, never and Stop-Loss.
Limiting maxium losses but not maximum profits.
Case study in forex exposure and how to use Options to manage it.

Pricing Details: Rs. 8,273/- per participant.


Contact: Amlan

Contact Phone: 09903720541

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