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New Festival Menu at Petite Faux Eating | Mumbai

23rd January, 2012 - 28th February, 2012

Petite Faux introduces 3 new desserts for Chinese New Year and Republic Day.Order Petite faux Chinese New Year & Republic Day desserts today.Indulge in Chocolate with Green tea ganache, Rose flavoured chocolate, Sesame Tosted chocolate bars for Chinese New Year, Tri colour Meringue, Marble cake for Republic Day.

Also on the menu Marzipan, Figgy Bars, Light Fruit Cake, Ginger Bread Cookies, Chocolate Almond Biscotti, Coconut Semolina Cake, Chocolate Fudge, Winter Bourbon Balls, Chocolate & Toffe Shortbread, Carrot Cake, Stollen, Vanilla Frosted Cookies.

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— submitted by Garima Vishwakarma, 2 years ago

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