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Rice & Thai Curry Special at Lotus Blossom Eating | Mumbai

8th January, 2012 - 20th February, 2012

Indulge in some delicious,exotic Thai food this winter.If you're thinking of having a house party this Winter,then don think twice as you have Lotus Blossom to order from.Lotus Blossom is a Thai food party service.With food,they also provide Barmen and Waiters who will decorate the food,heat it,serve it and clean up after.They also provide cutlery. The food is ready to eat-you can heat it in the microwave before serving.If you want to order food for a party-that is hassle free and fuss free,then Lotus Blossom is for you.

Indulge in delicious Thai curries like Kaeng Massaman (Fragrant curry with potato & cinnamon),Kaeng Phet(Red curry gently flavoured with coconut milk),Kaeng Khieo Wan(Fiery green curry of green chillies and thai spices),Panaeng(Creamy Paneang curry sauce with peanut and coconut milk) and Thai Rice like Khao Plao(Steamed Rice),Khao Phat Sapparot(Pineapple fried rice),Khao Phat(Thai fried rice - in Basil or Burnt garlic style),Phat Khee Mao(Spicy fried rice or noodles).


Contact Phone: 9967624034

— submitted by Garima Vishwakarma, 2 years ago

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