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Cupcakes, Deli Hampers & Special Menu at Indigo Deli Eating | Mumbai

1st February, 2012 - 29th February, 2012

After the rage that chocolatier Deepika Sarin created with her cupcakes at Indigo Deli, we now bring you her exquisite range of chocolates using the finest ingredients, artisanal techniques (read: each piece is handcrafted) and eclectic flavours.

The range is rich, wide and delectable and includes boxes of Assorted Truffles that come in flavours like raspberry, hazelnut, cafe, Cointreau, coconut; delicate Florentines; crispy Angelikas; Rochers with slivers of almond encased in chocolate; Dark Chocolate Truffles that are 70% (yes 70%) dark chocolate dusted with cacao powder; Mediants which are chocolate bites coated with prunes, figs, pistachios; as well as some unique, never-seen-before-in-the-city
Orangettes that are simply luscious strips of Italian organic, candied orange dipped in chocolate... And don't forget that nothing ends a romantic meal better than biting into cute hearty cupcakes.

Contact Phone: 022 6655 1010

— submitted by Garima Vishwakarma, 2 years ago

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