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Sunday Sundowns at Escobar Eating | Mumbai

12th February, 2012 - 26th February, 2012

Bandra's trendiest lounge and fine dining destination, Escobar brings to you, the perfect occasion to celebrate as you indulge in its legendary Sunday revelry with the Escobar 'Sunday Sundowns'.

For those who are looking for a wild time throughout the evening, the heavy weights cannot miss out on the famous 'Sunday Sundowns'. Escobar's unique feature meant for a group of 4 people where you can share your favorite drink with your friends and loved ones.The Sundown Buckets are compact and easy to carry as you groove to foot tapping numbers or lounge around on the open deck.They comprise of the Vodka Buckets..a bucket full of ice, your favorite vodka and your choice of mixer, Caprioska Buckets, Mojito Buckets,Margarita Buckets and Bucket O' Beer.

A special Sundowner Tapas menu has been created with lip smacking starters such as Bruschetta Pommodoro, Crispy Avocado Hosomaki, Smoked Salmon Olivette, Char Grilled Chicken Supreme and Escobar's signature thin crust pizzas with exotic toppings to appease your palate.

Dresscode: White.

— submitted by Garima Vishwakarma, 2 years ago

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