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"Painted Stories"- A Workshop for Adults & Children on Gond Art Workshop | Goa

25th February, 2012 - 26th February, 2012

The Gond tribal community is one of Central India's largest indigenous communities. Gond art resonates with a culturally distinctive ethos and draws inspiration from myths and legends to images of daily life. It also ensconces the surreality of emotions, dreams, and imagination. The mythical beasts and the intricate detailing of flora and fauna are the dominant themes that have animated the lives of the Gonds for centuries and their art is used as means to record history.
Gond art is based on the belief that "viewing a good image begets good luck". This inherent belief led the Gonds to decorating their houses and the floors with traditional tattoos and motifs. The fine lines, dots and dashes of traditional Gond Pradhan motifs were introduced to the world by the late painter J.Swaminathan, who discovered a talented seventeen year old Jangarh Singh Shyam decorating the huts of Patangarh in Madhya Pradesh.Jangarh's meteoric rise to fame was marked by his acclaimed exhibitions in Paris and Tokyo.
Gondi art has since transposed onto paper and canvass with talented artists showcasing their skills. These signature styles are the essence of this tribal art form and are intrinsically used to fill the surface of their decorative patterns and motifs. The allusiveness and individualism of each Gond artist is defined by these signature styles.
Not surprisingly Gondi art with its vibrant and compelling patterns has captivated the international art market. This exposure has transformed the lives of these tribal artists, encouraging them to transcend cultural barriers and paint the language of the universe in their own special way.
Gallery Gitanjali will be hosting an exhibition of Gond Art entitled "Painted Stories " featuring works of Gond artists Rajendra Shyam, Durga Bai, Subhash Vyam ,Suresh Durve,Ramesh and Manoj Tekam and Santosh Maravi from the 22nd to the 29th of February,2012 .
The exhibition will also provide an unique opportunity to understand Gond Art patterns, the artists, their unique styles and the inspiration for each of their signature patterns besides a complete hands-on experience of making artworks through a workshop slated for the 25th & 26th of February,2012 , with Santosh Maravi ,a Gond artist and Padmaaja Srivastava, Architect, Gond Art Promoter and workshop facilitator.
Padmaaja will take participants through a presentation on the history & origin of various motif, the tattoo patterns of ancient times ,adaptation of symbols from daily life ,the different stages of the painting, the folklore narrative and its interpretation by three prominent Gond artists .
Participants will then be guided by Gond artist ,Santosh Maravi to first create their own signature motif/symbol and then go on to choose and execute a Form/subject inspired from daily life or nature .

— submitted by Vijay Sharma, 2 years ago

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